LLP «KazСentreTrade»-our installation-blank section/metalwork shop features a modern fitting equipment and has its State machinery and highly qualified specialists to perform any work related to electrical and construction production.

A brief annotation of the section
Installation-blank section.
Important role in the industrialization of electrical work and play yards.Modern workshops is a plot of mounting of workpieces and build larger nodes and blocks.
The workshop runs for an average of up to 15% of the total electrical works.
This is a rough Assembly mounting assemblies and units, pipe slopes, tyres and Assembly fitting nodes, nodes and networks complete lines, knots of earthing devices, audit and charge lamps, assembling them into blocks, as well as production of non-standard product and designs.
In our workshop at the provisional Assembly equipment, designs and products in the enlarged nodes and blocks and increase the release of mounting workpieces achieves significant economic effect. The work is executed in comfortable conditions with the use of mechanisms and devices in advance, even if you are not yet ready to installation of building structures. The installation of electrical equipment, electrical structures and networks, previously completed in the larger blocks and nodes running fewer workers and more quickly.
Blanking and Assembly work in the workshops of LLP "KazСentreTrade" performed on mechanized production process lines. Mechanisms on the lines of interconnected horizontal transport devices-rollers, rollers, sliding trolleys, monorail is to facilitate the process of transporting workpieces. All elements of the production line have so that feed materials and prepared details sanitization on line, do not create competing threads.
The nomenclature of the nodes, blocks, and mounting the blanks very diverse for all kinds of production.
• Boards and panels, designed to House instrumentation and control equipment and fire alarm systems.
• Cable systems (including trays, ducts and fittings thereto, cable shelves and racks).
• All-metal welded cabinets for domestic premises.
• Transformer substations (incl. Consolewithfences), high-voltage panels and cells.
• Portals, PTL and electric lighting.
• Elements of the floodlight masts and rods.
• Metal structures (including the installation of the electrical current, anchorage for cable laying).
• Areas for command placement device with the cable drum.
• Fasteners for cables, wires, pipes.
• Non-standard products according to drawings.
• Archival and storage racks.
It is possible to manufacture products according to customer's drawings.
Welding all metals (primarily black).
Manufacture of metal structures production wiring:
• cable support systems, such as tray brackets (shelves, racks)
• Cable Tray depending on the installed cable geometry of cable routes and environmental conditions Wednesday: perforated and non-perforated, ladder (NL), with and without lids, corners, bends and branches thereto,
• boxes: terminal, walk-through, broaching,
• crates: power, broaching,
• fasteners for cables, wires, pipes,
• brackets for lighting, suspensions
• trolleys, trolley current brackets, trolley holder for cranes
• fitting the electrical power
• billets for supply of power and lighting wiring.
Fabrication of steel structures for the production of:
• Mounting products and accessories
• Mortgage details
• Anchor bolts
• Fractional elements
• Reinforcement frames and grids
• Metal Products gabion constructions
• Other metal products according to customer's drawings.
• Fire escape staircases
• Handrail (from pipes and an angular steel)
• The farm from an angular steel
• Farm from pipes
• Metallic Column
• Mast searchlight
• Metal fences (including prefabricated fencing), metal stairs
Manufacture of metal products of any complexity: from products of artistic forging to welded steel structures.
Goal, gates, fences, stairs and winding, balconies and banisters, entrancethreshold system Shoe cleaning, grass fences and lattices.
Metalware of different purpose from a piece to series production under the order according to your drawings and sketches
Individual works:
felling with guillotine shears,
mechanical processing of metal,
any welding constructions and metalworking.

 Installation-blank section TOO "KazСentreTrade" is equipped with modern machine park and welding equipment which meets all the requirements of the IB, the HSE.
Machinery of the plot includes the following machines:
• bending and drilling,
• turning and milling;
• grinding and planing;
• equipment for cutting and rolling of sheet metal.
• cranes-beams.
The plot has a paint shop, a powder coating.