Rail transportation is one of the fastest ways of transportation, which is second in speed only to air travel. What railway is the most convenient form of transportation in case you need to transport enough volume and heavy cargo.

Brief summary of the section
Railway transport is carried out by a large part of the total freight in the country and surrounding regions, the volumes of which an order of magnitude superior to other modes of transport. Cargo transportation by railway is the movement of goods by rail for wheeled vehicles, which, because of its functional features allow you to create compositions of any length. In the result, the railway transportation of goods have the opportunity to cope with the large volume of traffic at a relatively cheap price. Surely you can consider railway one of the main types of delivery of goods and raw materials.


Delivery of goods by rail provides for accurate planning, timely signing of contracts for the railway delivery of goods, the harmonization of tariffs for transportation, the price of additional services – a complex set of rules and activities, this reliable transport view to realize its benefits. Rail freight is well suited for supplying the large distances goods any formation - and liquid bulk, and heavy machinery equipment and containers. With good logistics can significantly increase the organization's flexibility, not decrease it predominant over the other, efficiency and an enviable stability of the message.


LLP "KazCentreTrade", transport-logistics company, having diversified experience in various fields of transportation.
The main directions of our activity is transportation of aggregates and other bulk materials, and logistic transportation services and renting out own rolling stock.


We are able to provide cars of any type for loading all types of cargo, such as gravel, sand, coal, slag, lumber, ferrous metals, ferroalloys, and other goods permitted to be transported in this type of wagons and the carriage of cargo on the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia and CIS countries.


To rent rail cars or rolling stock — always means that must be entered into mutually beneficial and mutually useful agreement. Our company LLP "KazCentreTrade" will be interested in renting a reliable business partner. We carefully check all our transport equipment — it is planned technical check and health check before you rent. An important advantage of our company — the lease of railway wagons and rolling stock are made on mutually beneficial terms, and involve the interests of both sides.


Lease of rail cars — service specific. Firstly the landlord should have such equipment. Second, the equipment leased must have the necessary quality certificates and all legal documents. Also plays an important role in the serviceability of railroad cars and rolling stock.


Note that after you create your own Park of rolling stock, we are able to provide the most optimal solutions for cargo delivery and ensure the stability and quality execution of commitments. Transportation of various cargoes by rail on all territory of the Eurasian economic Union by any types of cars, including hopper, dump cars, platforms and gondolas, and the surrender of their lease to other consumers is our priority.
We declare with confidence that I can meet all these requirements. Quality, warranty, full package of documents and permits state sample — here not all list of advantages of LLP "KazCentreTrade"


Anyone who needs transportation of cargoes by railway transport, rental of railway carriages and rolling stock who who value their time and prefers to work with serious business partner, we will be glad to see among our customers.


Feature shipments


Carload is placed on one invoice, the consignment of goods for which the required provision of a separate car.


The container is placed on one invoice, the consignment of goods for which the required provision of a separate container.


Small – applicable for single invoice, for a limited mass and volume (from 0.02 to 5 tons and no more than 1/3 of the capacity of the car) is not, the consignment for transportation which does not require provision of a separate wagon or container.


The group is placed on one invoice, the consignment of goods for which required more than one car, but less of the route.


Routing – requirements one bill of lading consignment, the quantity, the weight corresponding to the norm or length of the train set for the routes. The misnomer routes – tural trains or turntables.

The routes are divided into:


Annular – when the route follows the ring (for example, at the station And loading of coal to the station B, the route arrives at the station B and unloading of coal, loading of crushed stone to the station, on arrival at the station and unloading gravel the route follows to the address of station A are empty then the cycle repeats). Only this route can be called "spinner".

Direct lot identification – when a route is not tied to a specific station and a specific schema (as a ring).

Straight to the spray – when the route from one consignor to different consignees located in the same station of unloading or when two or more of the route followed from the loading station combined into one, to the nearest plant, and then separated.


Carload team – imposed one invoice a load of different titles and positions the item to the address of one consignee in one car.