Company «KazCentreTrade» was founded in year 2012 on the basis of the collective, the backbone of which passed the formation and directly participated in the labour force and the development of such well-known Kazakhstan companies as:
Alageum Electric "-(the largest electrical company in Kazakhstan, successfully operating in the sphere of power engineering, electrical engineering and construction)
Joint-stock company "GORDORSTROJ"-(construction and repair of roads; landscaping; construction of buildings and structures)
JSC "ELMO"/"JSC" Electromontazh "-(one of the largest on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan specialized installation companies engaged in fulfillment of electric installation works on objects of any complexity)
The company's management experience and some technical workers from 16 to more than 40 years. Subsequently began to be formed around him a group of like-minded persons who composed the diversified Association in the form of subsidiaries, each of which specialized in providing certain types of services. In future, our company has grown and emerged as the overall structure that includes several businesses.
We believe that the company's main resource is its employees. We are interested in creating a collective, customized to solve complex and non-standard tasks capable of quickly taking the changing situation and achieve the results you want.
Thus, conducting cooperation with contractors of several dozen large objects, in 2016 year our company entered the relationship with construction firms, producing work for such business giants as:
"Karachaganak Petroleum operating b.v. and
Tengizchevroil LLP, as well as
State establishment «Department of Aktobe city construction
In the field of electric power, our firm is implementing 2013 dealer features such well-known manufacturers of electrical products as:
JSC "Cheboksary Elektromehanicheskij Zavod»-(ChJeMZ)-Russia
Specenergo-St. Petersburg-Russia
RZA Systems Llc-Kiev-Ukraine
Llc «Elise»-Zaporizhya-Ukraine

In 2015 year our company LLP «KazCentreTrade» becomes a partner of such major companies as JSC "AK Aktjubvodstroj", entering the number of its shareholders and largely participating in productive activities of the company, having full access to its facilities and resources. JSC "AK Aktjubvodstroj"-a full successor former Trust «Aktjubvodstroj», organized in 1967 year, chronologically up to a temporary period of existence in almost 50 years. JSC "AK Aktjubvodstroj" provides construction services throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, has the State license for construction and erection works (I) categories. Thus currently LLP "KazCentreTrade" deeply cooperating with the company of JSC "AK Aktjubvodstroj", has the necessary amount of construction and earth-moving machinery, machines and mechanisms required to perform earthwork, concrete and reinforced concrete works and classrooms staffed technicians and highly skilled workers with greater seniority and experience.
We would like to mention that we are the owner of the national certificate issued for assigning the honorary title INDUSTRY LEADER 2015 (based on ranking Enterprise won the bronze 2013-2014 rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan OKED 46.73.2-wholesale of cement, sand and gravel). LLP «KazСentreTrade», is the leader of the TOP-35 enterprises of Aktobe region on the criterion of "total tax" OKED 52.29.1-forwarding services and has a Gold rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Our goal is to work, fully justifying its name as "KazCentreTrade" in one of the variants of translation from the language of business professionals means < Kazakhstan Center of Commerce or centre professionalism > what we really seek in their operations, creating a company to promote the production of high-level and technical potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.