The specialists of the Company LLP «KazСentreTrade» will realize for you the necessary equipment and communications erection according to universally accepted standards and norms. Hold the mounting of engineering networks and communications required of any complexity and orientation.

A brief annotation of the section
Engineering services represent a complex set of all life-support systems that interact among themselves.
The composition of the engineering networks include:
1. Power supply system (SES)
2. Outdoor lighting systems
3.Water supply system
4.Heating system
5.Ventilation and conditioning systems
6.Gas supply system
7. Sewage System
All engineering networks are divided into internal and external, depending on whether they are located inside or on the outside.
External engineering networks:

in the list of external engineering networks included

— Outer pipings
-Outdoor lighting
— Outer district
Internal engineering networks:

to internal engineering networks applies

— Electricity and equipment.
-Low voltage systems.
The engineering networks and communications are designed to create an effective system for the sustenance of the consumers, as household and industrial field. This includes a set of engineering systems and solutions designed to achieve different goals. Construction of engineering networks must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations.
Construction of engineering networks requires specialized equipment and trained personnel. Such work usually performed by construction or engineering organizations, what is the Company LLP «KazСentreTrade». Internal engineering networks, usually held after the erection of the building or structure according to the project. External communications can be routed in parallel with maintenance works on the building site. Our company possesses high-level specialists and all necessary equipment for quality installation of engineering networks and delivery system in operation.
Our staff offers a variety of professionals who are able to solve any problems, thanks to its experience and professional equipment.
We answer all the requirements placed on organizations working in the field of engineering networks. All of the work we carry out in accordance with current GOST and Snip.
Company "KazСentreTrade" offers professional solutions in systems engineering in the construction of objects of any complexity. We provide services for the creation of external engineering networks and internal networks.
LLP «KazСentreTrade» carries out in addition to the construction and repair of internal and external engineering networks. Heating systems, hot and cold water supply of residential buildings and public facilities, country cottages.Water purification systems, wells.Supply of equipment and materials, installation on site.

Quality work, an individual approach to each customer and flexible price policy-here are the distinguishing features of our company.

Our company with impeccable speed and high quality produces the entire cycle of works in the complex.
In addition to this the Company LLP «KazСentreTrade» qualitatively and quickly hold replacement or repair of previously mounted systems for exploitable sites with the provisional diagnosis of their condition.
LLP «KazСentreTrade» performs the device of internal and external engineering networks in buildings of different purposes. Working with our company, you can order a full range of services for the construction of networks.
LLP «KazСentreTrade» offers various options for heating projects of country houses, cottages, apartments, offices and other construction projects. The specialists of our company will carry out calculation and installation of heating systems, will give necessary recommendations for more effective use of the heating system and to eliminate heat loss.