LLP "KazCentreTrade" renders transport-forwarding services on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The company works on the freight market since 2012 We are able to provide the most optimal solutions for cargo delivery and ensure the stability and quality execution of commitments. Our company provides full complex of services in delivery of Your cargo from point a to point B. Thanks to the availability of highly qualified specialists, accumulated experience and professionalism, we select the most optimal and reliable variant of delivery of your cargo, taking into account the wishes of each client.

Our logistics and transport company LLP "KazCentreTrade" offers you the following services:

- Transportation of various cargoes by rail on all territory of the Eurasian economic Union by all types of rolling stock, including such cars as the hopper, dump cars, as well as postal and postal-baggage cars that are part of ambulance or mail-Luggage trains;
- Sending 3, 5, 20, 24, 40-ton containers from any point of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all regions of Russia and other CIS countries;
- Delivery "door to door";
- Forwarding of cargoes in a point of departure and in destination (responsible acceptance, recalculation of places, transportation);
- Insurance of all types of cargo;
- Tracking the movement of cargo on the whole route in real time;
- The possibility of granting of delays on payments, professional staff.

We also carry out collection from other regions. Complete and poison freight in the sales order from another city. Help solve urgent and non-standard situations connected with delivery of Your items and transportation.

The high level of organization of railway transportation, careful planning, coordination among all parties involved in rail transport, which are carried out by LLP "KazCentreTrade" allow us to provide a wide range of transport services related to railway transport. The main principle on which are rail transportation – the least loss of time during transport of the load is achieved as the organization of the process of loading and unloading of cargo and through the development, in each case, the optimal route of delivery. The time our customers save on our Railways – it is their money saved. For transportation of various goods we use vehicles of all capacities and any capacity to accurately carry out the wishes of the customer.

We offer services in the field of railway logistics

Logistics strategy our company offers a comprehensive solution of four major problems: technical, technological, economic and managerial. It puts forward the main objectives, for example: uninterrupted delivery of raw materials W/d transport, the reduction of idle time of cars, timely dispatch of cargoes and delivery to destination. Then, in the details, steps are taken to achieve them.

Through rail transportation freight cars, we are able to offer each customer the most suitable option of rail freight transport in full safety and in the shortest possible time.

Maximum attention and respect each client. Start working with us, saving time and money!