LLP «KazСentreTrade», being in a relationship with profile production companies, has a modern drilling equipment and has a staff of highly qualified specialists for any volume of work related to drilling.

A brief annotation of the section
Our company offers its services on designing, drilling and repairing water wells.
For the construction of the hydraulic engineering construction (in particular water wells) can use one of the following techniques:
Rotary drilling technology,
Shock-rope technique of drilling,
Auger drilling technology,
Perforative drilling.

Water well drilling is a specific branch of the manufacturing activities requiring professional approach.
The construction of the wells is composed of technologically heterogeneous processes: the process of destruction of rock (mechanical drilling);
handling-lifting operations for changing the bit,Drillstring build-ups, change of a turbo-drilland drill collar;
cementing casing pipes;
various auxiliary processes (flushing boreholes, preparations for geophysical research, changing or upholstering of wireline, etc.).

Drilling equipment "KazСentreTrade" allows to operatively and qualitatively to conduct drilling operations. The great practice of drilling work, technical knowledge and skills in the field of drilling water wells is a guarantee of quality work.
The Company LLP «KazСentreTrade» has all the necessary licenses and certificates to perform a wide range of works and services on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
We produce drilling water wells with the subsequent installation of a water supply system.
The company constantly works above improvement and ensuring the quality of services provided. Monitors new technologies in the field of drilling.
Having gained experience using new technology and equipment, we strive to give our customers-partners of quality and timeliness in the provision of contractual services.
Our company pays great attention to the quality of the materials used drilling, drilling technology and compliance with professional performers. With us you can be sure that the drilling for water Summit will be held, and the well will serve you for years to come.
The materials used for drilling are purchased only from proven suppliers of quality product, which conforms to the requirements of GOST. It is an important part of well design reliability and guarantees the purity of drinking water for many years.
We do not rent rigs and do not use someone else's vehicle fleet. Technical equipment of the company is production rigs in Russia self-propelled chassis, vehicles, compressors and other drilling equipment.
The Company LLP «KazСentreTrade» has all the necessary capacity for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.