Company LLP "KazСentreTrade" has a team, the necessary mechanisms and equipment for carrying out of all complex of construction and powered by finishing works on erection of residential buildings, industrial complexes and beautification of the adjacent territories.

A brief annotation of the section
One of the main production activities of the Company LLP «KazСentreTrade», is civil construction (residential apartment buildings, commercial and administrative centers, industrial objects, etc.).
We carry out construction works of any complexity.
• Project (construction of buildings)
• Earthworks. Excavation.The construction of the foundations.Underground work.
• Construction of water-supply systems.
• Construction of sewer systems.
• Geodetic
• General construction
• Mounting (mounting metal frames)
• Roofing
• Plumbing
• Finishing
• Ventilation
• Welding
• Intrasite engineering communications
The company offers a full complex of works on construction:
1. various types of buildings and facilities;
2. dwelling houses, country houses, villas and cottages;
3. baths, garages and outbuildings;
4. canteens, cafes, shops, supermarkets and shopping malls;
5. public buildings and facilities;
6. hangars, warehouses, gas stations and car washes.
Carry out the functions of the general contractor.

Above shows the main types of capital construction works. There are other such large-scale events are also included in the duties of our company. These include, for example, renovation and decoration. From reconstruction and modernization they differ primarily because they use do not change the technical parameters of the core structure of the object.
One of the priority components of the construction activity of our company is to offer optimal conditions for construction under the unconditional preservation of quality standards.
An important factor in the successful development of the company, became considerate to the needs, demands and desires of both partners and employees of the company.
Within the profession of "Builder" many different specialties-masons, glaziers, installers, Plasterers, tilers, carpenters, concreters, crane operators, etc. But when you work in a large multidisciplinary teams, as it happens in our company, builders do not specialize narrowly on one of the following, in the production they combine several specialties. Their work is more diverse and consequently, higher requirements to the level of their training.
Our team workers and engineers is composed of the following specialty construction industry:
Engineer industrial and civil construction
Construction Technician
The Carpenter
Facing worker-Tiler
The assembler of building machines and mechanisms Structural steel FitterConcreterAssembler of isolation

On the basis of highly skilled specialists of our company's production capacity and construction experience, we guarantee full and high-quality implementation of all kinds of works within the deadlines established by the customer.
Continuous development and modernization of the production base is the key to our success. Over the years we have built and renovated a large number of construction projects. Our strategy is to offer the best solutions to tasks in strict compliance with the requirements of the customers. The company strives to always keep pace with the times, demonstrating the high-tech approach to building business.