LLP «KazСentreTrade», our specialists are ready to perform the whole complex of works: develop draft section wiring power networks and lighting, electricity reconstruction project, to delivery and installation of equipment, to carry out commissioning.

A brief annotation of the section
One of the priority components of the activity of the Company LLP «KazСentreTrade» are the electrical work. Entrusting the electrical work to the specialists of our company, you can be assured of consistently high as a result. We advantageously differ from similar companies that each employee is a professional with specialized education, having the appropriate diploma.
The main types of electrical work performed by our company:
• Installation of electrical installations;
• Wiring of power transformers and transformer substations 10/0, 4kv;
• Pipe Installation from plastomerov highways under the electrical installation in construction of monolithic industrial facilities and civil buildings;
• Wiring of power dividing shields;
• Electrical installation switchboards;
• Wiring control stations, shields, protection and automation;
• Wiring of mains power electric supply lines;
• Connect the electric motors;
• Electrical installation switching devices;
• Installation of electroadjusting fittings;
• Electrical installation Mounting fittings;
• Wiring Terminal couplings and cables;
• The electrical installation of earthing devices;
• Work on the laying of cables and wires;
• Installation works on the device of external engineering networks and communications, including air line (AL) voltage of 0,4-110kV
• Installation works on the device of internal engineering systems and equipment
• Laying of cables supplying up to 10kV (inclusive)
• Installation and laying of cable structures
• Installation and mounting of the step-down substations of different complete set
• Starting-up and adjustment works
We provide all types of electrical services related to electricity and illumination of premises: apartments, cottages, country houses, cottages, buildings. Also performs electrical work, electrical wiring and installation of electrical equipment in offices, warehouses and industrial premises, shops, trade halls and other public spaces for various purposes.
Electrical installation work of electrical power have the greatest share in the total amount of electrical work performed by the Company LLP «KazCentreTrade». Application of hoisting and various mobile devices, available from a company that allows you to automate this work. For mechanized laying of cables in the cramped conditions on construction sites, with no access roads, as well as in the presence of underground utilities and conversions applied set of mechanisms and devices, which includes universal drives, cable rollers, bypass input device device cable into the pipe, cable jacks, winches, etc.
Delivery panels, boards, panels and cabinets installation zone perform using different transport machinery, mobile or inventory of the devices. All works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the codes and other regulations. Proper adherence to the rules and regulations-a guarantee of safe and durable work.
Our specialists with many years of practical experience, using modern equipment and tools, always fast, smoothly, perform competently and clearly the most complex installation works. We are working on electrical projects and ready for projects which are to be supplied by the customer.
In our work we use only high quality, tested and certified materials for electrical work. Quickly and professionally performed electrical work, we provide a comfortable, safe and reliable operation of residential and industrial premises for a long time.
We are ready to perform the entire cycle of electrical installation and commissioning works for the supply of your object, and make the draft electricity, electricity and reconstruction project electric services lab.
Our Organization has certified specialists to use electric laboratories for conducting acceptance testing of electrical equipment. We carry out all complex of commissioning works on external and internal cable lines and networks after installation and reconstruction of transformer substations KTP, SPM, introductory-distributive and other devices power supply of residential buildings, Office and industrial buildings and complexes. Commissioning can be combined with other works (CONSTRUCTION, renovation), so as separate kinds of works:
Based on the results of the measurements and surveys are compiled and issued a report on the protocols and technical works, start with recommendations and observations (subject to availability).
Our capabilities are not limited to areas of electrical installation and commissioning.