Supply of non-metallic materials


Trucking.Crushed stone transportation by rail. For the carriage by rail of gravel used gondola cars, platforms, self-unloading hoppers and dump cars. They all have specialized design-open platforms, convenient for loading and unloading operations.

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One of the main directions of our activity is the construction area and how it is an integral element
Development, transportation and other logistic services for the extraction of non-metallic materials, materials for road and general industrial and civil construction.
Transport crushed rock and other nonmetallic materials of wagons:
Big demand for gravel due rapidly in the field of civil, industrial and road construction. Small construction organizations purchase and transport the gravel road. Large consumers prefer to import gravel cars of railway transport.
It is this type of transportation is the best option, in the case of the purchase of a large consignment of material. Thanks to the railroad, transportation of cargo can be carried out at long distances from the location of the quarry extraction.
At present, the railway infrastructure is highly developed. Apply the whole logistics system, which takes into account all the needs of the provider and the consumer.
The order of delivery of crushed stone
To arrange transportation of loose filler from supplier to customer, conform to the following scheme:
1. determine the distance and path train from the place of loading to the final destination.
2. Issued the required documentation (accompanying documents, bills of lading).
3. is the entrance the whole at the loading point.
4. loading works.
5. Controlled movement of railway transportation with cargo;
6. delivery and unloading of material.
The benefits of transport of non-metallic materials, such as gravel, using cars as follows:
high throughput, regardless of weather conditions;
low cost of transportation, allows to carry large volumes over long distances;
regularity of transportations, through sustainable transport links between regions that minimize delays in delivery.
simple organization of loading and unloading.
LLP «KazСentreTrade» has its point of production, as well as a technique for designing, loading and transporting materials. All this allows us to fulfill the delivery in any quantity and in any time. Transportation of various loose construction goods are carried by rail throughout the Eurasian Economic Union any kinds of wagons, including species such as Hopper, dump, as well as platform and gondola cars intended for these purposes.
The great advantage of our company is that we have strong links with neighbouring producers of nonmetallic materials (crushed-stone plants), enabling us to respond quickly to all market requirements.
Our supply managers, as well as other high-risk employees are professionals in their field. Thanks to them, the deliveries are successful without gripes from the employer, providing smooth and precise production process works. During its activity the specialists of the company have confirmed their high professional status and efficiency in solving problems.
Special focus on our part on short delivery times and submitting that it is very important for us.